Basic Level A1 and A2


German Language A1 & A2

The main objective of this program is to help the students acquire the skills required to pass the A1 and A2 level exam conducted by Goethe Institute. After completing the course one can solve simple communicative tasks and perform the basic functions of these tasks, both in the educational environment and in everyday situations. One can interact and express themselves in these situations in a standard oral and written language. They can understand instructions that are explained slowly and carefully, and able to follow directions if they are simple and brief. Introduce oneself and use basic greetings and farewell expressions. 

One can understand very short and simple texts, reading sentence by sentence, picking up basic and common names, words and phases. Understand short and simple messages on cards. Understand written directions if they are short and simple. One can ask for and provide information about personal details in writing. Write short and simple postcards. Write numbers and dates, names, nationality, address, age, date of birth or date of arrival in a country. Ask and answer simple questions, make simple statements, and respond to statements made to them in areas of immediate need or on very everyday topics. One can ask how people are doing and express their reactions to the news. One should have good command of numbers, quantities, prices and timetables. Respond in an interview to simple and direct questions about personal data, if spoken very slowly and clearly without idioms or set phrases. 

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