Why should you learn German Language ?

Well German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. The German Language has one of the richest and most fascinating histories on the entire European continent.  It is spoken as a native language by more than 100 million people and shares many similarities with English. In addition Germany stands out worldwide for its technological and economic advances, attracting more and more students and professionals every year to continue their projects in the country. German is one of the most important languages for academia and is the second most used language in scientific publications. Germany also has world-class institutes and universities to which the German language forms a gateway to getting enrolled. 

Mastering the language will help fast-forward your career with German companies in India and across the globe. Several MNCs having their businesses in India are looking for professionals who are fluent in the German language.


Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2

If you are going to give your Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2 Exam then fret no more. I am here to help you straight away! Total 7 unit which can be completed within 10 classes. You can book your classes whenever you want as I need only 10 hours to complete the entire exam preparation. You just need to buy a Book i.e
Mit Erfolg zu Fit in Deutsch 1

Who Should Join ?

Students looking for higher studies or research in German public universities. Professionals applying for a job seeker visa. People migrating to Germany or any other German language speaking countries like Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. 

People who wish to become a German Teacher. Tour guides and travelers. All those people who are applying for Ausbildung in Germany. People who wish to do international internships or company project work in Germany. Those who want to learn it as a hobby. 

Are you a Student looking for higher studies or research?

Are you applying for a six months Job Seeker Visa?

Are you migrating to Germany or any other German language speaking countries?

Are you applying for a Ausbildung in Germany?

Are you a student or working professional? Would like learn a foreign language?

  • Asian linguistic HR services
  • Asian multilingual services
  • Multilingual tour guide
  • Asian language interpreter

International Business Consulting

  • Multilingual business consultant
  • Online business consulting services
  • Market management services
  • In-depth market research

Multilingual Interpretation

  • On-site interpretation of Asian language
  • Excellent communicators
  • Experienced interpreters
  • Sign language interpretation

International M&A

  • Legal documents translations
  • Interpretation of contractual agreements
  • Financial papers translation
  • Other business letters & documents interpretation

Certificate Level A1 and A2

Goethe Zertifikat A1 and A2 can be completed within four months of time. Weekdays and Weekend classes are possible. You need buy a Book i.e Netzwerk neu A1 and Netzwerk neu A2. 

Certificate Level B1

Need Asian language experts? Look no further as you have come to the right place! We work for our love of Asian language and hire specialists who show the same passion for language. Choose from our team of language savvies and see the wonder they create.


Exam Preparation Courses

Interested, but in a hurry?

Frequently Asked Questions

Everence Internations emerges to be a language school where German language training will be provided. Professing some of the best online teaching services, I eliminate any language bottleneck that you may face.

Who can join these courses ?

Students who are planning to move Germany for their higher studies and research etc.
Job seekers looking for jobs, and want to apply for their 6 months Job seeker visa. 
All those professionals and self-employed persons who want to migrate to Germany.
Any individual who want to learn German for their career
and want to be a teacher, translator or interpreter.

School students want to prepare Fit in Deutsch exam.
Students already know German but just want to prepare for the international exam (Prüfungsvorbereitung)

How much time does it take ?

Usually it takes 4 months to complete a particular course like A1, A2 etc. Short term and crash courses are also available upon request. Exam preparation courses can be done within a  week or so. Weekdays and Weekend courses both are available. Time slot depend on present situation but it will be mutually convenient for all. 

Do you receive a Certificate after completing a course ?

Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhawan is the only certificate issuing authority.
I prepare the students for the exam and after that you have to go to Goethe Institut for the registration and give the Goethe exam for which you will get the complete information from my side. Finally the certificate will be provided by Max Mueller Bhawan.


What my Students Think of Me

Find out why students love me and rely on my teaching


Fees can be paid through direct bank transfer or UPI. Yes, the course fees can be paid in 2 equal installments.

I prefer to make small batches so that I can track performance of every single student enrolled in the course and focus better on their progress. The batch size will always be 4 students. 

I do not provide any  certificate. You will have to appear in Goethe exams to get that. I prepare you for the exam and focus on all four sections (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) that are required in order to appear for the exam. Although, I do provide a participation certificate.

Yes, one can opt for private classes which will be convenient as per his/her schedule. I understand that some students cannot take classes on my pre-defined batch timings due to scheduling conflicts so I provide an option for private classes which are flexible as per your daily schedule.

General enquiry