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Germany is predicted to have a shortage of about 4,00,000 skilled workers over the next 2 years. By easing immigration, Germany is trying to avoid a crisis of 4 Lakhs skilled workers. 
The Federal Labor Agency said its annual analysis showed that 200 out of about 1,200 professions it surveyed had labor shortages last year, up from 148 the previous year. It said that bus drivers, service jobs in hotels and restaurants and jobs in retail sectors were among those that joined the list. Other professions where Germany is struggling to fill jobs are in nursing care, child care, the construction industry and automotive technology along with truck drivers, architects, pharmacists, metalworkers and IT specialists. The labor agency said that its keeping an eye on another 157 professions that could potentially develop labor shortages. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government is trying to attract more skilled workers from outside the EU, easing bureaucratic requirements. Experts say the country needs about 4,00,000 skilled immigrants each year as the country’s aging workforce shrinks. During a trip to India Mr. Scholz said his government wants to make it easier for IT experts from India to obtain work visas for Germany. Job opportunities in Germany which are in demand sector wise in the coming year are as follows:- 
Nursing and Healthcare, IT Specialists, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Physicians, Craftspeople etc.
Apart from above mentioned there is more in Transport, Architecture, Account Management and Business Analytics sector. So, this is the right time if anyone want to move to Germany. 

Why choose Everence ?

Here you will get customized content which I prepare for my students for each level which I teach. You will get flexible class timings weekdays as well as weekends. I give individual and group assignments. I prepare students for the international examination. I conduct small batches which are very interactive. One can get one on one class if needed. 


Mr. Saantaanu Dutta has more than a decade’s expertise in this field. He holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Hochschule, Bremen.  Assuring timely resolutions for a diverse number of issues that require proper technical terminology translations, he is helping the corporate mandate. Skilled in networking globally with an ability to communicate with customers and committed to high work ethics. With persuade knowledge in German Language and varied experience in different sectors Mr. Dutta provides high-end guidance to people in need of language solutions. He also participates in various cross cultural activities. Trusted by clients from across the globe he has been consistently dealing with numerous clients and delivering some
great results. 


What I do

I offer online and offline German Language classes for school students, college students and professionals on weekdays as well as weekends. I also offer crash courses to those students who need to learn and give an international examination within a very short span of time. 

I always take things personally. Experienced more than 12 years in this sector I taught more than 300 students from different parts of India. I took individual as well as group classes. 

So, for what are you waiting? Come and join hands with an experienced teacher to feel the difference!

what we do

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  • Connecting with my students rather than having a mere transactional relationship is what I strive for.
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency are what I put our value on
  • I wish to cater to diversified needs for each and every student.